favicon Frontiers in Mathematical Sciences
7th Conference
University of Isfahan - January 1-3, 2020
Divisor Class Group of Hankel Determinantal Rings
Maral Mostafazadeh Fard, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Date, Time, and Venue:  Thursday, January 2 | 11:00-11:45 | Hall 2
Hankel determinantal rings arise as homogeneous coordinate rings of higher order secant varieties of rational normal curves. In any characteristic we give an explicit description of divisor class groups of these rings and as a consequence we show that they are $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein rings. It has been shown that each divisor class group element is the class of a maximal Cohen Macaulay module. Based on a joint work with Aldo Conca, Anurag K. Singh and Matteo Varbaro
University of Isfahan IPM-Isfahan National Elits Foundation Iran National Science Foundation